Thursday, January 15, 2009


Something tells me this final post should be important or... something.  I mean it's the last one, should go out with a bang and all that right?  But there's nothing special about this one, I'm still listening to some of my favorite things (this time it's The Office), and I'm still stumped on what I should write about.  First I suppose I should boot up citrix so I can record this in the Blog Log, and then send it to Kunkle when I'm done.  Done, and now the student e-mail, and Word for my two favorites.

It's nice, one of my favorite episodes is on, Conflict Resolution.  One of the better episodes from the second season, and I think I need two or three more comments so I'll do that before the night's over too.  So how should this end?  I suppose checking facebook won't get it done any faster.  Regular readers will recognize this as my "Artificially make my blog post longer by rambling" method.  It works, and it's fun.

Alright, I need to do actual work, and finish Caucasia but that's beside the point.  Let's talk about Caucasia, I've made it a habit to not address the things we do in class directly, except for my comments, well normally.

So, Caucasia, the story of a half-black/half-white who is going through puberty.  She doesn't know who she wants to be/should be and her mom thinks the FBI is on her tail.  200 pages later we find out that there's no danger and that Birdie has an inexplicable habit to spend the first day in a new school the same way every time.  Everyone in Caucasia apparantly loves using music instead of their own voice to express themselves, and hair is the most important thing in the world to Danzy Senna.  Damn I just made fun of three motifs in two sentences, I'm on a roll.  On a more serious note, how do you make a run from the FBI boring or a girls first day of school?  I was more entertained when I tried to read Twilight, the differences here are that I had to buy Caucasia and that I'm not allowed to not finish it.  There's something wrong with a book when you get three quarters through the book without getting excited.  

I dunno, some rising action maybe, a conflict here or there?  Yes, Birdie and the girls at school were at odds, but then three pages later their friends, that's not character development that's being eclectic.  Yes the author is trying to make the point about how we change ourselves to fit in, but it's a tired message.  It's a good message, but there's a much better way to tell it (read The Fountainhead, it's roughly 700 pages giving that message among others in a much more entertaining and cohesive way).  Yes I mean cohesive, most books suffer from this symptom actually; the book gives a message, then another 50 pages later it gives the same message in roughly the same form.  It just gets boring and makes me take the message less seriously, you could have the best message in the world but it seems less so if you can't think of more than two ways to say it.

Mmk, I'm done with all this praying for another cold day and it looks like we'll be getting it.  Channel3000 says we have some kind of warning until 12pm on Friday, and says it'll be around -25 at 9am on Friday.  So it looks like we'll have an extra long weekend and I won't have to take my math quiz until Monday.

Well, goodbye blogs, and it's early but, I'll be hoping that I see about 12 of you in more of my classes next semester (I don't not like any of you, but I do like some of you).

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